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Good working

- Raju kayyam


Arrivala has been a great service to our landscaping business. We had tried some other options in the past but they've either been too expensive or did not do everything required. Arrivala is the perfect mix of price and features. You get great value for what you pay for!

- Kallie Ortega


Test comment

- Ian Hunter


Arrivala was a big reason for our success in 2018.  After reviews started appearing on Google search results we received a big bump in traffic and the leads have been steady ever since.  We’re in a pretty competitive lawn care market in Southwest Florida and Arrivala has enabled our company to standout from competitors.  We did end up upgrading the the premium service to enable text message sending.  Overall a great service!

- John Ballamy


What a fantastic service.  We were looking for a way to jump start out reviews and Arrivala was the perfect entry level service.  The WordPress plugin made it very easy to get setup even for people who may not be tech-savvy such as myself.

- Jenny Lloyd


The product is fantastic for the price.  We tried a couple other services previously and they had a few more features we enjoyed but certainly not worth the $400+ we were paying every month.  Arrivala has everything we need to keep charging forward with more product reviews at a price point that is sustainable for our business.  Keep up the great work, Arrivala!

- Ian Dawson


Exactly what we needed.  Support has been super helpful, we’re improving our review count, does what it is supposed to.  What more can you ask?

- Brady Eli


Great product backed by great support.  When we have a question we always get a response within a day, most of the time the same day.  The product is exactly as described and we’re super excited about the new WordPress plugin although we haven’t started using it yet.

- Kelly Williams


We run a fine jewelry shop and were comparing different options to help generate reviews on Google.  We thought we had already found our solution when at the last minute we heard about Arrivala.  After trying the free version we were very happy with the product.  The price point was about 1/8 of the price we were going to pay for a similar product.  Affordable and a great product, I have already recommended to several friends.

- Kacey Johnson


We were referred to Arrivala by a friend of the owner.  We were aware it was a newer product but the price point was unbeatable and we were in the market so we gave it a go.  What’s the worst that could happen?  We’ve been blown away.  There were a couple of small issues at first but the support has been top notch and everything has been resolved very quickly.  We’ve been recommending the service to fellow business owners for nearly 6 months.  Keep up the great work!

- Peter Wilson


We’re a new dental office and trying to get established in search results.  We came across Arrivala and decided to give it a go to get some Google reviews.  It’s been the single best decision we’ve made in terms of online marketing.  We crossed the 60 review mark last week and our website traffic has improved 10X.  Almost all of our traffic is organic now which has allowed us to cut back on the $2k/month budget we were spending on Google Adwords.  Arrivala is actually saving us money on top of bringing in new clients.

- Janet Olsen


The text messaging feature is fantastic.  Prior to using Arrivala, we were manually sending out emails asking for customer reviews.  Now, we get past their unread email inbox and right to their text messages.  The number of reviews we’ve received in the last month is equivalent to what we received all last year.  Thanks Arrivala!

- Judy Timmons


The bad: the kiosk mode could use some improvement.  While it does work, it’s pretty difficult for people to share their reviews to Google from our store.  The good: literally everything else.  We’re super happy with the product and it is very cost effective.  Other services like this go for a few hundreds dollars per month.

- Jackson Gregory


Great service backed by great support.  I would recommend to my friends and hide from my competitors :)

- James Quintal


We did a lot of shopping around before deciding on Arrivala so I feel very confident is saying this is the best product out there for your money.  If budget was not a thing, I would potentially select a different product but this has everything you need and more at a great price.  Don’t pay $200/month for other products when this is what you need.

- Paula Norton


We’re still relatively new to Arrivala but thus far it’s been very smooth to setup and we were up and running in about an hour with all the settings configured.  We haven’t yet sent out our first review request but the process seems pretty straight forward.  We’re excited to see the results.

- Johnny Davis


Kudos for a great product to help small businesses grow and compete with the big guys.  We certainly would recommend the service to our friends and business associates.  Great work!

- Heather Mason


Worth. Every. Penny. I’m telling you, reviews have taken us from a small, ugly website on the internet not really serving a purpose to a consistent flow of daily new customers.  Arrivala has been a huge part of helping us get there.

- Keller Hawkins


We love Arrivala!  From our very first pre-sales call they have been nothing but supportive and guiding in helping us get started.  The system is easy to use but when you have a question, you know you’ll get a pretty quick answer.  We will likely be lifelong customers.

- Julie Raymond


An essential tool in the small business toolbox.  Arrivala has most certainly helped us bring in new clientele and is worth the monthly fee.  We regularly recommend to others.

- Houston Wallace


A great option for review collection.  We are a local general contractor and our reviews have increase from just a few to over 20 in the last few months.  I’m very pleased when I do a search for local contractor and I’m the first result on the Google map with all those great reviews.  Couldn’t of done it without Arrivala.

- Roger Neville


“you get what you pay for”. Not the case with Arrivala!  You get what you pay for and soooo much more.  I was hesitant to write this review but Arrivala, you need to raise your prices.  You could easily be charging 4x the amount if not more.  Reviews are very important to our business as there is a lot of local competition and it seems whoever the most reviews typically wins the Google battle.  It’s safe to say, we’re winning thanks to Arrivala.

- Chris York


Awesome company to work with!

- Bold City Design

Kiosk Mode – Collecting Online Business Reviews In Person

May 30, 2018

Kiosk Mode – Collecting Online Business Reviews In Person

No matter how hard you try, sometimes it’s hard to get a customer or client to take two minutes of their time and leave a review after they’ve left your business or office.

For those people, we’ve created Kiosk Mode.  Kiosk mode works best with an iPad or other tablet device.  Simply set it up in your retail store near the checkout, on your office desk, or even carry it to your closing, final walk-through, final deliverables meeting, etc..

When the checkout, job, or meeting is complete, present the tablet device and request the customer to leave a review on your business.  Kiosk Mode works very similar to a customer or client receiving a review request via email or text message in terms of design & process.  The will be presented with an opportunity to write their review and depending on their star ranking (positive vs negative), they will be presented with review distribution options to your setup business profiles such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc..

Kiosk mode can be setup to be completely hands off.  Once the user is complete with their review, Kiosk Mode automatically resets itself so it is ready for the next client/customer.  Kiosk Mode is an excellent tool to quickly build up your business review profiles online with rapid review submission.

Real World Example Of Kiosk Mode

Retail Store – This is the obvious one.  Setup an iPad or tablet device near the checkout and before the exit.  After the cashier completes the purchase, show the device location to the customer and request a quick review on the way out.

Realtor – Bring an iPad or tablet device to your closing.  Once the closing is complete, present the iPad to the buyer or seller with kiosk mode already pulled up.  Request their review and give them the ability to distribute the review onto Zillow, Trulia,, etc..

Contractor – Bring a tablet device to the final walk-through.  After it is complete, request a review from your clients right on the spot.  Kiosk mode allows this to be completed quickly and the review to be shared on Houzz, AngiesList, Better Business Bureau, Facebook & more!

Dentist – Following a patient appointment and after checking out, present the patient with a tablet device.  Request a review of your services before a patient leaves the building.  Their review can be distributed across all of your business profiles.

You probably get the idea.  Kiosk mode has benefits to nearly every industry and can really help your business get your online review count up.  As we’ve discussed, review count can have great effects on your business website search ranking.

Kioski Mode is a feature available to all Arrivala paid accounts.  You will receive an email with your Kiosk Mode URL link when signing up or upgrading your account.  Kiosk Mode is compatible with any tablet device that can connect to the internet.

Have questions?  Send us an email at [email protected].

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