Feature Release – Text Message Review Requests Now Support MMS

May 27, 2020

Feature Release – Text Message Review Requests Now Support MMS

Arrivala is excited to announce that our text message review requests now have the ability to support multimedia messages when sending. This means you can include an image as part of the review request.  A much-requested feature by our users, multimedia text message requests look more professional, have a stronger impact, and are shown to improve the review conversion rate by 20% or more.  Multimedia messages are instantly available to all Arrivala premium users in the United States & Canada.  We hope to roll it out to more countries in the near future.

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How Does It Work?

Creating a multimedia text message review request works the same way as creating any other review request.  During the creation process, if sending the request by text message is selected then a secondary toggle will appear asking if you also want to make it a multimedia message.  Select ‘Yes’ and you’re good to go!  Defining which image gets sent along with the text message review request is also possible.  This can be any image that you design or come up with.  This image is defined in the ‘Customization Options’ tab within your dashboard.  This image must be uploaded before you can create your first review request and enable the multimedia functionality.

If an initial review request is set to multimedia mode, review request follow-ups will also automatically send with an image.

Benefits To Sending Messages With Images

As we touched on above, the impact of an image within text message review requests can leave a more lasting impact.  Furthermore, we’ve found in our studies that it:

  • Is shown to improve review conversion by 20% or more
  • Doesn’t look like spam since it contains a logo that they recently did business with
  • Looks more professional than sending a text message alone
  • Drives brand loyalty by increasing the viewing opportunities of your logo

New Features In The Pipeline

While the multimedia messaging feature is the newest great additional to the Arrivala platform, there are a bunch more new features in the pipeline.  Here in the coming month we’ll be debuting more features around the ability to customize text message and email message templates in more detail as well as adding integrated review replies to microsites.

If you’re not currently an Arrivala user, why not take the next step and sign-up today?  We have plans starting at the great price of FREE!  If you have any questions, please send us over an email at hi@arrivala.com.  We look forward to working with you to improve your business’s reputation online.

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