Why didn’t my review get shared to all my platforms?

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    Why didn’t my review get shared to all my platforms?

    Last Updated: July 30, 2020

    Every review will not always be shared to all of your third-party platforms.  We try to facilitate this to the best of our ability but ultimately it is up to the client to publish their review on the platforms they choose.

    The exact process the customer goes through for sharing their review to your platforms will depend on which review flow you have selected.  If you are on a free plan, the only flow you have available is review flow A.  Our paid plans have review flow B & C available to select as well.  To learn more about each flow, see our video tutorials below:

    What happens if the customer goes through my review flow and does not distribute/share?

    Unfortunately, this sometimes does happen but all is not lost!  In the case where a customer writes a review but does not share it, the Arrivala system marks them for follow-up.  Over the next two week period, we will follow-up with that reviewer by email or text up to four times (unless they unsubscribe). Within that email or text, we provide them with the review they’ve already written as well as direct links to all of your review sites once again making it as easy as possible to distribute their review.

    This level of automation would take hours of manual work to achieve at scale and Arrivala handles it all for you.  For more information on review distribution and the full lifecycle of the customer in the Arrivala platform, please see this page on distribution.

    What are steps I can take to increase the likelihood of distribution/sharing?

    1. Add in charitable donations for each review that is distributed.  This feature tells the customer that you will donate as little as 0.50 cents to a charity in exchange for the distribution of your review.  This incentivizes the customer to share to as many platforms as possible.
    2. Change your review flow.  If you’re on one of our paid plans and still using review flow A and not seeing sufficient distribution, try switching to review flow B.  Review flow B is our most popular flow and typically sees the best results at getting reviews pushed to at least one third party platform such as Google.
    3. Increase the number of review requests.  This is an obvious one but the number of reviews you receive is a numbers game.  The more review requests you send, the more reviews you’re going to receive.  Look into further automation by syncing Arrivala with your CRM, point of sale, or e-commerce system using our Zapier application.  This can ensure every customer that you do business with gets sent review requests without you lifting a finger.  More review requests equals more reviews.  It’s that simple.

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