Welcome To Arrivala

This interactive tutorial will guide you through the Arrivala control dashboard. We'll show you the prominent features and how to find them. You can run this tour at any time by going to your home dashboard page and clicking the Play Interactive Tutorial button.

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Company Information & Locations

To get started, set your Company Information under the menu item on the left. This will allow you to personalize the review collection experience for your customers. If you signed up for a premium account, you'll also have the ability to setup multiple business locations or create multiple sales agents under the Company Information menu item. Set Company Profile.

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You can also reference our popular tasks checklist to quickly find links to the most frequently visited features. The checklist is available on your dashboard home page as well as in the top menu bar of every other page throughout the dashboard.

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View Review Request Quota

As you begin to send review requests, each request will count against your used quota. Monitor your available quota from the dashboard home page or in the top menu bar of every other dashboard page. If you begin to run low on quota, you can upgrade your plan to get more. Quota resets on the 1st of every month regardless of when you signed up.

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Add Review Request

Let's start generating reviews! Schedule your first review requests using the Manage Review Requests menu item on the left. All you need is a customers name and email address or cell phone number to get started. Note - text message review requests are only available to premium users.

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Setup Review Platforms

Connect your Arrivala account with your existing business review platforms such as Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and many more. Once a review is received, we'll work to distribute these reviews across your added review platforms. Premium users can setup review platforms for each location or sales agent that has been created.

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View Submitted Reviews

Once you've received reviews, you can view the information and see statistics under the Submitted Reviews & Data menu item.

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Add User Access

Do you have employees or sales agents that you would like to provide access to? Do so under the User Access tab. Users will only have access to the location(s) you specify and will not have access to any administrative tasks such as billing, company profile, etc..

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My Account

Manage your account, subscription, billing, passwords and more from your My Account & Billing menu.

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Thanks For Interacting!

You\'ve reached the end of the tour. Now get out there and improve your business reputation with Arrivala! The first step is adding your business platforms. Click here to begin. You can re-run this tour at any time by going to your dashboard home page and clicking the Play Interactive Tutorial button.

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